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Whatsapp Update New Version Free Download

January 3, 2018

Most of the text messages we send are just simple answers to our friends and family’ jokes, but sometimes due to an external reason or a playful thought we had and send one particular message, a message that makes us want to snap out of existence as we see how is delivered to the receiver, everyone has been there.

Imagine how back in the day people regretted sending a text message that for sure was going to be seen by the other person. Definitely, this issue exists since texting started.

However, what if there is a feature that could delete regret-worth messages? Something you can delete before delivered and save your reputation or even relationship with your friends, and family. We all deserve that second thought the WhatsApp update new version free download for any version offers.


Whatsapp update new version
Whatsapp update new version

How those the feature work?

WhatsApp’s “delete for everyone” new feature is extremely easy to use:

  1. Select the unwanted message.
  2. Select “Delete”.
  3. Choose the option “delete for everyone”.

This will delete your message immediately and will not be available for the receiver to see it. Beware to choose “delete for everyone” because if instead you select the option “delete for me” you are going to delete the message only for you and will not have another chance to delete it for everyone.

What other feature does WhatsApp have?

Other features available in WhatsApp update new version free download for every smartphone, are available according to the device’s version, however, most of these are friendly for many people:

  • Have phone calls or video calls with your friends, anywhere.
  • Send any kind of file, with a limit of 100MB for Android and 60MB for iPhone.
  • Share photos, videos, or start a live stream in the status feature.
  • You can watch YouTube videos without being redirected out of the app.
  • Send GIFs, videos, photos, voice messages to express yourself with your friends.
  • You can be in a group of max. 259 people and share your day with them.
  • Answer to your group friends’ messages privately just by tapping on their message.
  • WhatsApp’s videos and photos are downloaded faster than in any other app due to their effort on keeping an easy-going conversation.
  • Keep talking with your friends, even on your computer with the Whatsapp official page.
  • Double-check your identity and do not permit others peeking on your conversations or logging in into your account from a different phone.
  • Due to the end-to-end encryption, there is no way someone will know what you are texting, not even the WhatsApp company.Whatsapp update new version

Where can I get WhatsApp update new version free download link?

You can get WhatsApp and all of its features checking the app’s official page; there you can download the mobile version and PC’s version. Otherwise, you can look online for a trustable page where you can download the latest WhatsApp’s version and check constantly for the newest updates so you will not miss what the app has to offer.