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Whatsapp Update for Iphone

January 24, 2018

Whatsapp does not stay behind in its updates, it is constantly adding improvement after improvement to keep its users happy and make new ones feel interested in downloading it. Users of the new ios system is finally compatible with Whatsapp due to the improvement they recently launched, apart from adapting to the graphics it also adds new improvements and more surprises for the very popular instant messaging application.

To use WhatsApp you need to have a phone number of any operator, in addition to communicate with someone you have to have only your phone number and ensure that both you and that person have the application installed correctly.

Whatsapp for Iphone IOS 8


Whatsapp update for iphone
Whatsapp update for iphone


The main function of Whatsapp for iphone is an instant messaging system but in the same way and their numberless updates, currently the applications can do many activities like: sending photos, voice notes, send a map with your exact locations, file transfer (but only light documents) and do video calls with your mega or connect to the Wifi net. This application is not only for Smartphone, if you have a tablet (including itable), you can install Whatsapp without problems.

WhatsApp is the most popular application for instant messaging on mobile devices and has 350 million active users around the world who usually send 11 million messages and 400 million photos every day. Now, WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone is updated to version 2.11.9, that is amazing.

What are the new updates?

  • The option to create chat to talk with your friends and family has improved, having the ability to have many people added at the same time as the creation of groups is easier and to place or assign an administrator is the option to have several at the same time.
  • Normally when a video is recorded and most of the time is long, we have to keep in mind that it should be less than 10 or 15 seconds, now with the new update you can record your videos naturally and then cut them before uploading them in the state or send it to a friend.
  • The most annoying thing was to access the camera to take a picture and then open the application and send or upload it, the new WhatsApp upgrade includes the quick access button to download photos without too many megabytes or better if you use the Wifi, also to take a photograph without closing the application.

More surprises


Whatsapp update for iphone
Whatsapp update for iphone


These are just some of the main features of the WhatsApp update for iOS 8. As we know, Apple’s iPhone 6, which will have this factory operating system, will be presented today. We are waiting to make calls on WhatsApp, at the moment it is only operative for Android but we hope that eventually they will launch the improvement of making calls on iphone phones.

You can also talk about the new peals and tones that can be assigned to messages, calls identifying if they are group or personal; when you have a problem and you do not know how to explain it, you will have the ability to take screenshots and send them as if it were a photo, this is very useful.