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New Whatsapp Messenger Downloading

January 31, 2018
new whasapp

Up until now WhatsApp is considered the leading messaging app around the world, helping connect billions of people around the world. It not only helps you communicate, you can also share instant messages with other users, and share files like pictures, voice notes and for some most importantly you can talk for free without any kind of limit.

This message app works on almost every single smartphone available and you can also download it on your computer since it work with Wi-Fi the same way it works with 3G and 4G networks.It’s a very simple and lip messaging app and it is also very easy to install, you don’t need to register since it will use your phone number so the app will be able to identify you, you can also create a lot of groups so you can easily make a group for work, one for your friends from another country, or the people on your class.


New whatsapp messenger
New whatsapp messenger


Even though Messenger and WhatsApp live under the same umbrella (that being Facebook), the two don’t seem to be working together any time soon, but they seem to be coexisting in a peaceful manner since Facebook bought WhatsApp back in 2014. They are two of the best messaging apps, certainly the two most used apps. But why and when to use either of them:

WhatsApp Vs. Facebook Messenger

One of the downsides of Facebook Messenger is the fact that you can only use it, obviously if you already have a Facebook account, and up until recently one of the plus of this app was the fact that you could use it from your laptop, tablet or computer and not be connected from your phone at the moment to get in. This is still the case but now you are able to do the same thing with WhatsApp by getting in the Web app version and pining down on your home page, but you can only use it if your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

One of the things that makes some people use Facebook Messenger more than WhatsApp is the fact that you don’t have to provide your phone number to the app to be able to use it, since some people just don’t wish to provide this information to an app, maybe because they don’t trust, or they just don’t like doing it, either way this is a win for Facebook Messenger.


New whatsapp messenger
New whatsapp messenger

Everyone love Whatsapp

But at the end WhatsApp is adored by its users around the world because of it is simple and easy to use and understand and is also very light so it won’t take that much space on your phone, and people love Facebook Messenger because it is a fun way to communicate if you use the stickers and emojis that can only be found on this messaging app, and that keeps getting more and more new stickers every single day.

And something people all around the world enjoy about both of them is the fact that they are free to download if you have the right smartphone model and, the fact that there are no ads in either of them helps too.