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Download Update Whatsapp Free Device Android

February 2, 2018
download update whatsapp

You have probably Heard about an online application, which is knows as WhatsApp. If it is not the case, do not worry. You should not to have to be ashamed. If you are not technologically enabled, it is possible that you do not know a lot about online applications. In the present article, we are going to explain some interesting aspects about WhatsApp and how to download it to your phone. If your have a brand-new smartphone, this is in your interest.


Download update whatsapp free
Download update whatsapp free


This famous app can be defined as a freeware and instant messaging service, which allows sending different material such as text messages, video calls, voice calls, videos, sound files, pictures, images, user location, and documents. When it was launched, users are just allowed to communicate with other users individually, but now companies can provide customer service to users at scale.

Some things to know about the popular messaging application

In addition to the ability to send text messages, voice calls, videos, and documents, it offers some new feature like. Last year, WhatsApp launched a Snapchat story-like feature, which lets you update your status by using pictures and videos. Furthermore, users can swipe up to reply to their friends´ statuses. This feature is ideal for Snapchat users.

All data is end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption is an online safety system, which only allows the sender and the recipient to read their won messages, indeed, WhatsApp can not access user messages. This is perfect for those who want to carry on private conversations.

As a result of the terrorist attacks in London, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that WhatsApp and other encrypted services have to open their restricted system to officials. Following the California shooting, the FBI requested Apple to unlock a mobile device used by one of the shooters. According to Jim Killock, executive director of Open Rights Group, Compelling companies to put backdoors into encrypted services would make millions of ordinary people less secure online.

Download update WhatsApp free device android


Download update whatsapp free
Download update whatsapp free


First of all, open your Android´s Google Play Store. If you do not know where it is, you can find it in the App Drawer. This app is white and has a multicolored triangle on it. Tap the magnifying glass icon, which is in the top-right corner on the screen. Now, you must type ¨WhatsApp¨ into the Search box, and then tap the button ¨Go.¨ Later tap the ¨WhatsApp Messenger¨ item. Go to the top-right side of the screen and tap ¨INSTALL,¨  and then ¨ACCEPT.¨ When the download is complete, tap ¨OPEN.¨

Go to the bottom of the screen and tap ¨AGREE AND CONTINUE.¨ Type in your mobile device and tap ¨OK¨ and WhatsApp will send you a verification code. Type it into WhatsApp and you will be redirected to the account creation page. Finally, you must enter your name and add a photo. In addition, you can tap Use Facebook Info to use the same picture and name. Tap ¨Next¨ and you are ready to use WhatsApp at your leisure. It is very simple to download in any device you have.