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Download New Whatsapp Update

WhatsApp is a simple and light messaging app, it’s very easy to download and very simple so it won’t be too difficult to understand if you have never used it before, you don’t even need to understand since the app only needs your phone number to be able to identify you. You can use it not only to send instant messages but you can also send photos, videos and audio notes to all your contacts. There are also free unlimited calls to other users.

Download new whatsapp update
Download new whatsapp update

It’s considered one of them, if not the best messaging app around the worlds, since there are billions of users around the world that have this app on their phones. And what makes it better is the fact that you can use it, not only from your phone, but also from your tablet, or your PC if you want to you only need to scan the QR code that is on your phone in the web app and then pin it on your home page and you can use it there as long as your phone is working and connected to Wi-Fi.

Lately WhatApp got a new upgrade and that can only mean one thing, the app will run smoother and faster, it will look even better than it did before and they will probably have had improved some of the old features and added new ones so I’m here to tell you what is new on this upgrade.

New Update means new features

One of the biggest features included is the fact that you will be now able to classify your notifications according to the priority you want to give them with the Notification channels. Which means that if you choose to put one of your contacts on the urgent version your phone will emit a sound and vibrate so you know that it’s an important message, but if you put one person in medium priority there would not be any kind of sound. There are 8 other channels that you can choose to use.

Another one of these features will be that new stickers will be available to use in group-chats, this stickers are kind of in the same style of the Facebook Messenger stickers. There will also be the ability to use realize group video calls, from this moment on. We already knew that this could be possibly coming but now we know for sure that they will be included.

Download new whatsapp update
Download new whatsapp update

New switch Button

And the last feature that will be included is a switch button for transferring between voice and video calls, so if you are talking to someone over a call and you need to see them to be able to tell them somethingyou can now easily hit that button and it will immediate send a request to the person on the other side of the phone so you can both convert the call, and if the person on the other side doesn’t want to convert the call they can reject the convert since if they don’t do it the call will convert. But sadly this feature won’t work on group voice calls.